From October 3 - November 26, 2018 Baltimore Applique Society(BAS) will auction off small single block album quilts from original and antique quilt block patterns.

One half of the proceeds from the Bits of Baltimore auctions will be donated to museums and historical societies for the conservation of their antique quilts. The other half will by used by BAS for quilt education on other activities.

Constructing an Applique Block

Creating an appliqué block is a time consuming, labor of love. One method used to estimate the time it takes to appliqué a block is to assign each appliquéd piece a time value of 15 minutes. Some pieces will take more time some less. This time value includes washing the fabric, sketching the placement of pieces on background fabric, making the templates, cutting out the pieces, basting and then using an appliqué stitch place them on the fabric. This does not include the quilting and binding time. The majority of the blocks in this auction have taken more than 100 hours to construct. We hope that you will cherish these reinterpreted "bits of the past " as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

Bidding and Payment Information

You must register for the auction in order to place a bid. To reset your bidder password, click here. Bidding will stop on Cyber Monday, November 26th at midnight EST. Payment must be received within seven days or the quilt will be offered to the next highest bidder. All payments will be processed through PayPal. If you are the winning bidder, you will be sent an e-mail with a link for payment.In addition to the bid price, the winning bidder will be charged $13.65 for shipping. Shipping will not be charged if the buyer chooses to pick up the quilt at the Dedember BAS meeting.

If you have any trouble with the auction, please let us know by sending an e-mail to

To see a larger image of any of the quilts, simply click on its picture.

More InfoBoB 1
Quilt: BoB 1
Allison W. Bachmann, Orchard Beach, MD
Trade Winds
More InfoBoB 2
Quilt: BoB 2
Ann McIntosh Corbett, Dayton, MD
Angela's Nosegay
More InfoBoB 3
Quilt: BoB 3
Brenda Devine, Providence, RI
The Best of Reverend Best
More InfoBoB 4
Quilt: BoB 4
Brigitte B. Lund, Ellicott City, MD
Feathered Heart Wreath
More InfoBoB 5
Quilt: BoB 5
Colleen Rooney Hughes, Columbia, MD
Rev. Peter Wilson and Me
More InfoBoB 6
Quilt: BoB 6
Dorothy Moreland et al., Chambersburg, PA
Summer In Full Bloom
More InfoBoB 7
Quilt: BoB 7
Delia P. Kane, Medford, NJ
Flight of the Swallowtail
More InfoBoB 8
Quilt: BoB 8
Della L. LeConte, Ellicott City, MD
Lyre with Laurel Sprays I
More InfoBoB 9
Quilt: BoB 9
Diane Gates, Philadelphia, PA
Feathered Heart Wreath with Doves
More InfoBoB 10
Quilt: BoB 10
Frances M. Yoder, Lancaster, PA
Sophia's Basket
More InfoBoB 11
Quilt: BoB 11
Joan Zelinka, Baltimore, MD
Urn of Flowers
More InfoBoB 12
Quilt: BoB 12
Kathy DeShong, Silver Spring, MD
Simple Baltimore Blooms
More InfoBoB 13
Quilt: BoB 13
Kesten Blake, Seattle, WA
Take 5
More InfoBoB 14
Quilt: BoB 14
Linda Bobo, Ellicott City, MD
Basket of Paisley Flowers
More InfoBoB 15
Quilt: BoB 15
Marcia Gratton, Columbia, MD
A Geisha Bouquet
More InfoBoB 16
Quilt: BoB 16
Margo Cramer, Columbia, MD
Grapes of Wreath
More InfoBoB 17
Quilt: BoB 17
Mary Pauley, Frederick, MD
My Heart
More InfoBoB 18
Quilt: BoB 18
Maureen Craig, Silver City, NM
Crossed Laurel Sprays
More InfoBob 19
Quilt: Bob 19
Mavis Slawson, Columbia, MD
A Grapevine Wreath
More InfoBoB 20
Quilt: BoB 20
Mildred Tahara, Honolulu, HI
Lyre with Wreath and Bird
More InfoBoB 21
Quilt: BoB 21
Mimi Dietrich, Catonsville, MD
Mimi's Baltimore Block
More InfoBoB 22
Quilt: BoB 22
Misty M. Cole, Bowie, MD
Tropical Pineapple
More InfoBoB 23
Quilt: BoB 23
Maria Lage, Cumberland, RI
More InfoBoB 24
Quilt: BoB 24
Nancy Doyle Williams, Drayden, MD
Potts Quartet Redux
More InfoBoB 25
Quilt: BoB 25
Peggy Haser, Frederick, MD
City Springs Quilt Block
More InfoBoB 26
Quilt: BoB 26
Sheila Bayley, Fair Oaks, CA
Parson Timothy's Tulips
More InfoBoB 27
Quilt: BoB 27
Maria Lage, Cumberland, RI
Analogous Perfection
More InfoBoB 28
Quilt: BoB 28
Maria Lage, Cumberland, RI
Burgundy and Wine
More InfoBoB 29
Quilt: BoB 29
Maria Lage, Cumberland, RI
A Riot of Red
More InfoBoB 30
Quilt: BoB 30
Susan Buckwalter Henyon, Oxford, MD
Hope's Heart
More InfoBoB 31
Quilt: BoB 31
Terri Feehan, Huntersville, NC
Sailing South
More InfoBoB 32
Quilt: BoB 32
Theresa Tiburzi, Columbia, MD
Baltimore: 1847 Revisited
More InfoBoB 33
Quilt: BoB 33
Carol Brown, Dayton, MD
Sweet Sixteen
More InfoBoB 34
Quilt: BoB 34
Nancy Brown Raley, Alexandria, VA
More InfoBoB 35
Quilt: BoB 35
Barbara Laskowski, Columbia, MD
More InfoBoB  7
Quilt: BoB 7
Delia P. Kane, Medford, NJ
Flight of the Swallowtail
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