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Quilt Name: BoB 5
Quilt Maker: Colleen Rooney Hughes, Columbia, MD
Design: Rev. Peter Wilson and Me
Quilter : Colleen Hughes
Quilting: Hand
Size in Inches: 23" x 23"
Artist Description: Many thanks to Reverend Peter Wilson who received this quilt for his dedication and service to God. Reproducing a block that was created 171 years ago offered me an opportunity to connect with the maker. I enjoyed choosing the perfect fabric for each piece of fruit that I appliquéd. I enlarged some of the fruit from the original pattern so that it was more pleasing to me. The Reverend Wilson quilt, dated 1847, is in the collection of the Lovely Lane Museum, Baltimore, Maryland (pattern created by Marylou McDonald).
BoB 5
BoB 5
BoB 5
BoB 5
BoB 5
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