The Baltimore Appliqué Society (BAS) is comprised of more than 230 members from 34 States around the country, and indeed from around the world. Ever wonder why someone who lives so far away that they would never have the opportunity to attend a meeting here in Maryland, would still want to be a member? Perhaps you live far from Maryland and wonder what you could possible gain from membership. The answer came to me recently at a conference devoted to appliqué. I was with women from all over who love appliqué, yet in their local guild, appliqué is "The A Word." Occasionally a member of their guild will bring in some appliqué for Show and Tell, occasionally their guild will have a speaker who appliqués, but otherwise their access to inspiration is limited and involves traveling to a conference or quilt show.

At BAS, we love appliqué, especially as inspired by Baltimore Album quilts. Our mission is to preserve antique quilts and to promote the art of appliqué, so our speakers are all about appliqué, our trips are about visiting collections of antique appliqué quilts, our workshops are about appliqué, and our Show and Tell has more appliqué quilts than most quilt guilds would see in a year. Still, if you don't live here, what good does it do you?

It's all in our e-newsletter! Big beautiful color images of antique quilts, speakers' quilts and Show and Tell quilts, just about all of them appliqué! Then there are the articles, always so informative about the last month's speaker's presentation that you would think you were there. As a member, you have instant access to not only the current newsletter, but all previous newsletters, to download and read at your leisure. For someone who loves appliqué, our newsletter is more than candy for the eyes; it is the finest, richest chocolate. No other organization provides the same access to appliqué.

As a member, you also have access to our Member Directory. If you live in Madison, Alabama, for example, you will be able to connect with our other members there, and share your love of appliqué with someone who totally understands! Wouldn't it be nice to stitch together with others who share your passion?

Maybe you are not a quilter, but just a fan of beautiful appliqué quilts. Where else can you see so many antique, reproduction and contemporary appliqué quilts? If you can't come to a meeting, only in our e-newsletter or on our web site in the restricted area entitled “Slideshows”! That's right; we frequently take more photos than we can fit in the newsletter, so we group them all into a slideshow. How cool is that?

Beside all that access, as a member I feel good knowing that my membership helps the BAS continue to support various collections of antique quilts, so that future generations will still be able to stand in front of a Baltimore Album quilt and be as awe-struck as I am.

That is why you should be a member of the BAS; for the love of appliqué!

Dues for a full year are $30. (Starting in 2015 BAS will no longer offer an option to receive newsletters via U.S. Mail.)

If you would like to become a member of BAS, please complete the membership form and mail it with a check in U.S. dollars to:

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P. O. Box 584
Columbia, MD 21045-0584

Or use PayPal to pay for your membership:

For more information about BAS or membership, please e-mail us at

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