Founded in Baltimore, MD, in 1993 to preserve antique quilts and promote the art of appliqué

The enduring appeal of Baltimore Album quilts and the need to continue their traditions brought about the founding of the non-profit Baltimore Appliqué Society in 1993.  Centered around Baltimore, where the first of these magnificent quilts was made over 175 years ago, the Society's members came together to advance two goals.

The Baltimore Appliqué Society (BAS) supports the preservation of quilts, textiles, and related documents in museum and historical society collections, such as the Maryland Center for History and Culture (MCHC) and documentary material at the Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA).  That support includes financial contributions, quilts made as fundraisers, and hands-on conservation work.

BAS also promotes the art of appliqué and quilting perfected by Baltimore women and revived in the 1980s.  In teaching these skills and encouraging each other's work, modern appliqué quiltmakers extend the Baltimore legacy with new colors, designs, and construction techniques.

Members from the Baltimore area, around the country and abroad, include quiltmakers, collectors and historians.  The Society's activities are enhanced by a team of professional advisors, who are nationally known teachers, lecturers, appraisers, and museum curators.  Members choose a board of directors from their ranks every May.

We believe that our society has made many valuable contributions to the quilting community, with many more to come because of the involvement of our large and talented membership.  We are honored to be so involved in the preservation and continuation of textile art history.

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