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Beginning with a small local group of quilters twenty-two years ago, BAS has extended its membership to more than 200 members from all parts of the United States and several other countries. Because many from our membership are not local, we would like to strengthen ties among ourselves. One way to do this is to record and show the appliquéd work done by our members. We would like to create an official BAS quilt catalogue.

After twenty-two years, we realize that we have a history. How do we record that history? Keeping photographs and information of members’ quilts is one way to ensure that in ten years and twenty years, current members will be able to see the achievement of its past membership. In 2013, Susan Hinzman (now deceased) in her will returned BAS’s first raffle quilt with a date of 1996 on the label. We photographed each of the forty-nine signed blocks completed by original members. How wonderful if we had more quilts on record completed by those members.

Photographs and information of quilts will be collected by a member of the board and kept in a secure archive by our web master. It will be a continuing collection of pictures for as many quilts as members send to us, by way of email, CD, or other digital device. Photographs can also be sent by regular mail and will be scanned and retained in the BAS’s secure archive held by the historian and web master.

There will be two parts to this collection:

Part I will be available as a slideshow on our website. The quiltmaker can choose not to have her/his quilts included in the slideshow.

Part II will be the actual archive that includes picture/pictures and information of the quilts kept with the name of the quilter. This will be in a secure section of our website.

There will be three types of quilts accepted for this project:

  • Finished quilts
  • Completed tops
  • Finished blocks

Please send us information and pictures for as many or as few quilts as you would like to submit. We are eagerly waiting to see all the beautiful work we know our members are doing!

Please note: About five years ago, Marylou McDonald started a Quilt Documentation project that allowed BAS members to be recorded with their favorite quilt. The information submitted included a photograph of the quilt and quilter, along with a form that asked a series of questions. If you already submitted information to that documentation project, it will be entered into our new quilt catalogue. However, please feel free to resend information about the same quilt if you would like to do so since the information we are gathering for the catalogue is slightly different.

Mimi Dietrich has contributed to the development of this project and endorses it.
BAS Quilt Catalogue Documentation Form
BAS Quilt Catalogue Documentation Form
BAS Quilt Catalogue Documentation Form (Word 2003)

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