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Quilt Name: BoB 23
Quilt Maker: Maria Lage, Cumberland, RI
Design: Complementary
Quilter : Misty Cole
Quilting: Hand
Size in Inches: 14.5" x 14.5"
Artist Description: The block in this quilt was one of several that were donated to the Baltimore Appliqué Society by Elly Sienkiewicz with the following notation: "These beautiful replicas of an antique Baltimore Basket were made by Maria Lage for a chapter Joen Wolfrom wrote for a book applying her color principles to an antique block….I thought someone might enjoy having the blocks to finish with stitching." This block employs complementary colors in its color scheme.
BoB 23
BoB 23
BoB 23
BoB 23
BoB 23
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