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Quilt Name: BoB 24
Quilt Maker: Nancy Doyle Williams, Drayden, MD
Design: Potts Quartet Redux
Quilter : Nancy Doyle Williams
Quilting: Hand
Size in Inches: 28" x 28"
Artist Description: These block patterns were taken from the Margaret Potts Quilt (1851 – 1858) which was donated to the Winterthur Museum by Priscilla Miller Hart, great granddaughter of Margaret Potts. The story of the original quilt, as is true of many stories of antique quilts, is a detective story with missing details. Priscilla's father remembers the Potts Quilt on his grandmother's bed only on special holidays. When he received the quilt, he created a genealogy of all the names of the makers of the 85 blocks: friends, aunts, uncles, and grandparents - many of them Quakers. Margaret's brothers, at ages 12 and 13 at the time, each made a block, and Margaret herself made 14 blocks. During the Civil War, the quilt, along with other valuables, was buried in a copper pot in the ground for ten days to two weeks. It survived in excellent condition to accompany Margaret and her husband to Harrisburg, PA, in 1866.
BoB 24
BoB 24
BoB 24
BoB 24
BoB 24
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