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Quilt Name: BoB 13
Quilt Maker: Kesten Blake, Seattle, WA
Design: Take 5
Quilter : Kesten Black
Quilting: Machine
Size in Inches: 24.5" x 24.5"
Artist Description: The block in this quilt is from the Reverend Hezekiah Best Quilt 1846, which is in the collection of the Lovely Lane Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. I used the most modern tools, from lovely sharp KKB scissors to Baby Lock's Sashiko machine, in making this quilt. My mother always said that if quilters from the past had had all the modern tools available to them, they would have used them. With that in mind, this is my effort to show one way they would have done this design.
BoB 13
BoB 13
BoB 13
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