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Quilt Name: BoB 34
Quilt Maker: Nancy Brown Raley, Alexandria, VA
Design: Fleur-de-lis
Quilter : Bellwether Dry Goods
Quilting: Hand
Size in Inches: 22” x 21.5”
Artist Description: Throughout the ages, the fleur-de-lis has been used in architecture, religious and political symbolism. As it is common with symbols, the mystique surrounding Fleur-de-lis has added to its enduring allure. Some suggest that Baltimorean women, who were familiar with the Revolutionary War, wanted to memorialize their Frenchman and war hero, Marquis de Lafayette. Younger women, familiar with the recent War of 1812, saw this symbol as a reminder to stay true to the fight against the evilness of tyranny. My love for the fleur-de-lis has always been a personal favorite since childhood. Its’ strong lines combined with my love for the color red, became an easy choice for a stand-alone block. I used archival ink to trace and shade the center wreath. Other embellishments included the use of small beads and gold embroidery thread. There is a .25” gold flange framing the block. This is a cutaway applique pattern taken from Elly Sienkiewicz’s 1990 book, "Baltimore Album Quilts."
BoB 34
BoB 34
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