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Quilt Name: Bob 19
Quilt Maker: Mavis Slawson, Columbia, MD
Design: A Grapevine Wreath
Quilter : Mavis Slawson
Quilting: Hand
Size in Inches: 25" x 25"
Artist Description: The origin of the word "wreath" is an old English word "writha," related to writhe, meaning a twisted band of ring or leaves or flowers in a garland…dried fruit or flowers that were originally placed in a circle to symbolize the promise of spring. A wreath is an arrangement of flowers or decorative objects in a ring used in decorations for walls and doors. A colorful quilted wall hanging will add color to any room decor. The wreath is associated with traditional evergreens going into Christmas season for a symbol of strength. Wreaths can be used for ceremonies and for changes in the home.The block in this quilt is from the book, Baltimore Basics, by Mimi Dietrich.
Bob 19
Bob 19
Bob 19
Bob 19
Bob 19
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