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Lovely Lane Methodist Church Museum's Patterns

The Baltimore Album Quilt patterns include blocks from 4 of Lovely Lane United Methodist Church Museum's quilt collection. The design group who traced the patterns selected the best blocks from these 4 quilts so a balanced, 25 block quilt could be made. The patterns were traced full size, and include all of the imperfections in the original quilts. The fabrics in the Reverend Best quilt have faded to brown except for the reds and pinks. These patterns were taken into the 21st century by providing a CD-ROM that contains pictures of each of the 25 blocks as well as a picture of each of the original quilts. The pictures can be viewed by computer, DVD players (with jpg file capability), or taken to a store that develops prints from CD-ROMs.

The pattern pack can be purchased for $25 plus $6 shipping and handling by calling the Lovely Lane Museum, 410-889-4458 or mailing a check made payable to Lovely Lane Museum at

Lovely Lane Museum
2200 St. Paul Street
Baltimore, MD 21218
P: (410) 889-4458

Click on one of the four quilts to see a better image!

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