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Quilt Name: BoB 2
Quilt Maker: Ann McIntosh Corbett, Dayton, MD
Design: Angela's Nosegay
Quilter : Ann Corbett
Quilting: Hand
Size in Inches: 19" x 21.5"
Description: I used a pattern from Elly Sienkiewicz's book, The Best of Baltimore Beauties, Part II. I've always liked this block because of the ruched roses and other dimensional flowers; and I made another one earlier for my own full-sized Baltimore Album quilt. This time, I enlarged the pattern ten percent and slightly elongated it so that I could frame it in an oval instead of a circle or square. Once I finished the appliqué, I had to dredge up from my memory of high school geometry how to make a perfect oval using three pins and a string. A youtube video helped to refresh my memory. It worked!
BoB 2

Current bid: $140

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BoB 2
BoB 2
BoB 2
BoB 2
BoB 2