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Founded in Baltimore, MD, in 1993 to preserve antique quilts and promote the art of appliqué

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Next BAS Meeting - December 20, 2017, 7pm

Nancy Raley

We look forward to welcoming you to our upcoming Holiday Party at the December 20, 2017 General Meeting. This month’s guest speaker will be Nancy Raley, our current BAS Vice President and an avid lover of hand appliqué and hand quilting. She is also an active member in AQSG, three quilt study groups, and attended AQS appraisal classes in Paducah. Her background includes owner of two businesses; one in herbal and floral design and one as an antique dealer focused on Americana furniture, early textiles and quilts. Her most recent formal education was focused on critical care nursing and nursing education.

Growing up in Ohio, she learned to sew at an early age and later in 4-H. Her favorite part of sewing was always the handwork. Over the years she discovered a passion for history, genealogy, sewing, and antiques including collecting old textiles and quilts. The stories behind the owners and makers of these handcrafted items intrigued her.

When she was 20, her mother gave her several quilt tops made by her great grandmother, Nancy Kathryn Ball Trainor and great, great grandmother, Permelia Triplett Brydon Ball. In her desire to know more about her Great Grandmother, she uncovered and verified the maternal lineage of quilters. In the very near future, Nancy plans to pen a blog, "The Journey Along the Threaded Trail," which will focus on the stories behind these tops, and the stories of women and their lives.

Recently, Nancy put the personal touches on her daughter’s wedding which honored and embraced their family heritage and traditions. At the December meeting she has been invited to share some of her creative handwork in a short program titled, "Adornments," and of course, there will be a few stories.

Dinner Before the General Meeting, December 20, 5-6:15 p.m.

This is a wonderful opportunity to meet other members for a delicious dinner prior to the General Meeting. ALL members are welcomed at Ranazul Bistro, 8171 Maple Lawn Blvd., Fulton, MD 20759. If you wish to attend, please call, text or email me, Nancy Raley at 703-405-7805 or

Sit and Sew

There will be no “Sit and Sew” for this month due to this month’s special Christmas/Holiday Celebration. It will resume next month.

Join us for BAS meetings at:

United Methodist Conference Center
11711 East Market Place
Fulton, Maryland 20759
410 309 3400
A map to the meeting site is available under Member Resources. Please login to access it.

Guests are always welcome. The fee for guests is $5.

Bits of Baltimore and Beyond

There is still time to make a little quilt and have it included in all the exhibits throughout 2018. Donating a small quilt is a wonderful way to help support the quilt preservation work in museums while, at the same time, helping spread the word about BAS. I hope you will consider making a little quilt for this fundraiser. You can now sign up for the block you wish to make on our website, just click here for more information. You will receive an email confirming your selection.

BAS Pattern Sale

We're having a 50% off sale on the Margaret Potts, Lady of Victory and Isaiah Mercier Quilt pattern sets. All of the patterns were directly copied from antique quilts.

Click here to get more information, see more pictures of the blocks and order patterns. BAS accepts PayPal!

Front cover of the Margaret Potts Quilt patterns Front cover of the Lady of Victory Quilt patterns
Margaret Potts
Now $25
Lady of Victory Quilt
Now $25